At Aegis, we only sell solvent trap parts. Due to the nature of our parts, we can not give you any information or advice on anything more but solvent traps and solvent traps only

The BATF (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms) considers a solvent trap as a "firearm accessory" meant to be attached to the end of a muzzle by means of direct thread or a muzzle device system to trap solvents, cleaning products, liquids and/or debris while cleaning your firearm. Projectiles and/or bullets can not pass through without alterations to our products.

We do not advise, recommend or condone any manner of alteration of our products, as doing so may constitute in the making of "silencer parts" which an approved ATF Form 1 would be needed before making any such alterations to our (or other's) products. Doing so without an approved Form 1, you are committing a crime by Federal Law and could be punished with a felony charge. We are not responsible for your actions or intent if you fail to do so.

As long as the solvent trap and/or solvent trap parts are used to trap or catch fluids and debris, you are legal.

You, and you alone are responsible for your solvent trap or solvent trap parts.
If you decide to alter your solvent trap or solvent trap parts for anything but a solvent trap, we recommend reading and following the BATF regulations on NFA items.